High quality accessories to improve your gaming experience

High quality accessories to improve your gaming experience

Who better to look after your gaming needs than the experts. Here at Fenrir Games we take pride in our gaming accessories and think they’re worth shouting about! We’re dedicated to producing accessories of the highest quality for all your gaming needs. All of our accessories have been produced with you, the gamer, in mind.

Here we take a look at our top five accessories and what you can expect when you purchase from us.

In fifth place is the Battle Mat 3ft Carrier Bag. What better way to carry your multitude of playmats and battle mats from tournament to tournament? Well, the Battle Mat (3ft) carrier bag is perfect for such a thing. The bag can hold between 1 and 2, 3ft by 3ft mousepad mats, or multiple PVC mats. Not only that, but it is only 9cm in diameter and 95cm in length so a great size for any quests you might need to undertake in order to get to these events. You can rest assured that your treasured battle mats will be keenly protected whilst encased in a durable, resistant to tear and abrasion fabric. The high-quality two-way zipper with two sliders adds another level of reassurance.

Fourth place belongs to the Cardboard Storage Box: House of Cards. If you need a storage solution for your never-ending collection of cards then look no further then the House of Cards for 800 ct boxes. The House of Cards is a great way to keep your cards in a safe and organised fashion. Holding a whopping 9,600 cards, the 12 boxes (which come in 6 different colours to help you keep things even more organised) are made from high quality white corrugated paper. Measuring 15”x14 ¾” x 15 ¾” the House of Cards is a neater and more compact way of storing your beloved collection of cards and looks far more attractive than a simple shoebox I’m sure we have all been guilty of using in the past.

Coming in at third place is the Total Pro Tube Playmat holder. The playmat holder is an attractive way to store your 24 “ x 14” playmats. The Total Pro Tube Playmat holder is fully durable and a great way to keep your precious playmats dust and dirt free. The clear tubes offer you the chance to be able to keep track of which mat is stored where, and there are a variety of sturdy, coloured caps to keep the holders aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Colours available currently include Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Cyan. Not only that but they are a great price, meaning you can stock up on even more accessories featured on the website!

Taking second place are the Fenrir Games life counters. The counters come in a variety of colours and values in order to customise your deck. The counters are perfect for keeping track of your life (and damage) in games like Magic the Gathering, A Game of Thrones LCG, Arkham Horror LCG and so on. These premium counters have the (pretty awesome) shiny grey Fenrir Games logo on one side and the value on the other side in an attractive but easy to read font. They are made from a resistant and luxurious composite material and weigh in at 11.5g (round counters) and 31.2 grams (square counters.) You can really feel the quality and workmanship which has gone into making them! Colours currently stocked are Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green and Red and are available in either round or square counters.

And finally, in the Top Spot, we have the Fenrir Games Total Pro Edge Mat. This Playmat is the perfect way to protect your cards during play. Each mat provides a large play area coming in at 59 x 35 cm and comes in an array of solid colours such as Red, White, Green, Blue and Black. (Perfect for matching your Magic the Gathering Decks.) With an anti slip rubber back to hold the mat in place and a unique stitched border which is purposefully designed for greater stability. Fenrir have used high quality fabric in the production of the playmats in order to prevent unwanted damage to the precious cards you may be playing on them. You can tell that quality was at the forefront of the Fenrir’s mind whilst making these Playmats. And if you want something a little more adventurous then solid colour, then there is the option of the Artist Series which includes the incredible Dracula’s Castle Playmat. The high quality printing of the image on this playmat is impressive and looks superb time after time, game after game. And the cherry on the top is the fact that the Total Pro Edge Mats fit perfectly into the Total Pro Tube Playmat Holder!

So, there we have it. Our Top Five Accessories at Fenrir Games. Do you agree with our final countdown or would you add something different? Perhaps you think the Carboard Storage Boxes (available in various sizes) deserves a top spot? Or maybe the Fenrir Games Total Pro Dice Bag should be up there. Do let us know your thoughts!

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