Fulfilment Services

Published: 01 January 2000 Author: Fenrir
Fulfilment Services

Kickstarter Fulfilment – We Ship For You!

Congratulations on getting your Kickstarter fully funded! It’s an exciting, busy time and you’ve got a lot to do to get your Kickstarted product from concept to production and finally on to your customers. The logistics of storing and sending these products might seem a bit overwhelming and if you’re not quite ready for your own warehouse premises yet, this is where we can help.

We send over 2500 parcels per week from our large warehouse premises. We can receive, store and dispatch your product as per your instructions, ensuring your product reaches your customer anywhere in the world in the fastest time possible.

So what’s the process?

When we receive your product at our warehouse, we inspect the quality and quantity to ensure it matches your specification. At this stage, we can even send one to you before sending them on to your customers for additional quality checking. We then store your product at our warehouse until you’re ready for us to ship it out to your customers.

You might have a variety of tiers to your Kickstarter campaign, meaning we’ll need to ensure the right tier of product goes to the right customer. We take your list of customers and varying product list and ensure we accurately package the correct items to be sent to the correct customer.

When it’s time to dispatch your products, we use eco-friendly plastic-free packaging packaging and give your products the protection they need to ensure they reach your customer in the same condition they were in when they left our warehouse. We have tried and tested many different delivery companies over the years and only use the best to ensure your parcels reach your customer in the fastest time and with the least hassle for everyone.

In the unlikely event of any problems, or if you just want to find out how your fulfilment is going, our support team are available to help, via phone and email.

To find out more, including fulfilment prices, please email [email protected]

Published: 01 January 2000 Author: Fenrir
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