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Who we are

With over 4 years experience in the gaming industry, we’re absolutely passionate about producing the best quality products for gamers to enjoy in their homes for many years. We create and source our products based on the high-quality standards we expect for our own tabletops and as gamers ourselves, we test and play with our products, refining them until we’re completely happy.

We’re about creating memories and provoking enjoyment, out of even the most basic of gaming pieces. We know as gamers you expect the best quality products – and so do we.

With our Kickstarter fulfilment service, we have a wealth of experience in packaging and sending over 2500 parcels per week from our warehouse and can take the pressure off you, providing the storage space and manpower required to get your Kickstarter products to your customers quickly, packaging them with the same care and attention that we give to our own products.

All products are sent in our ethical, plastic-free packaging in order to sustain our eco-friendly ethos, whilst maintaining our high standards of quality packaging, protecting them from damage during transit.

In short, we provide the best, both in terms of our products and our fulfilment services. We provide you with the quality we expect for ourselves.


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